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Bouncy Castle Hirers Equipment

 Various equipment usefull to the hirers of inflatable play equipment and the like


Products in: >>Bouncy Castle Hirers Equipment
Image Description Price  
Inflatable Ball Pit / Pond Inflatable Ball Pit / Pond
Single Rib Inflatable Ball Pond / Pit  External size when inflataed 6'3" square approx We have the follo…
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Bungee Run Pads Bungee Run Pads
 10 x Bungee Run Velcro Pads They will come in 2 sets of 5 with the 2 sets being diffrient colours ie 5 x red 5 x …
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Giant Connect 4 Carry Storage Wrap Giant Connect 4 Carry Storage Wrap
Connect 4 Mega 4 Carry Storage Wraps  Fed up of you Giant Connect 4 or Mega 4 counters going everywhere when your …
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Heavy Duty Archery Floor Target Boss Stand Heavy Duty Archery Floor Target Boss Stand
    Heavy Duty Floor Target Stand   Strong, sturdy target stand that is perfect for the larger, heavi…
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Peg Puller Peg Puller
 These Peg Pullers have been ergonomically designed to make the removal of anchor pegs safer & easier whilst ex…
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Disco Dome LED Light Disco Dome LED Light
 Disco Dome / Disco Castle LED Sound activated Disco Lights. Our Latest LED Light in the range.   This one …
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