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Letter From Santa To Your Child 'Personalised' inc Magic Snow

Letter From Santa To Your Child 'Personalised' inc Magic Snow
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Letter From Santa To Your Child 'Personalised' inc Magic Snow Letter From Santa To Your Child 'Personalised' inc Magic Snow Letter From Santa To Your Child 'Personalised' inc Magic Snow Letter From Santa To Your Child 'Personalised' inc Magic Snow Letter From Santa To Your Child 'Personalised' inc Magic Snow

Product Information


A Letter From 'Santa' to your child 'personalised' including a bag of 'Santa's Magical Snow' Comes in an Official North Pole Post Marked Envelope

Imagine your child's face when he receives his personalized Letter from Santa Claus. Boys and girls will delight in receiving a special letter from Santa himself.

  • Personalized: All of Santa's letters are personalized with specific information about your child. After all, Santa does know who's been naughty and who's been nice.
  • Special P.S. Message: You can make your Santa letter even more special by adding an optional P.S. message. Write anything you'd like for your child. Whether you'd like to encourage her to do her homework every day, or ask him to treat his brother with kindness and respect, it's up to you.
  • Signed by Santa: All letters are signed by Santa!
  • North Pole Post Marked: All letters will have a North Pole postmark!

  • Includes Santa's Magical Snow:  As a special easly pressent Santa has included a bag of 'Santa's Magical Snow' Your child will be amazed when they add water to it! (full instructions for parents included)

  • Santa's Stationery: All letters from Santa are delivered with Santa's special stationery and envelopes.

  • Embossed with Santa's Seal: Envelopes are embossed with SantaClaus's official seal that says, "Greetings from the North Pole".

  • Addressed to Your Child: Letters are addressed with your child's name and address. This Santa letter is just for her!

  • Christmas Themed Postage: The stamps on Santa's letter are always Christmas-themed, as only would befit a letter from Santa Claus.

About Santa's Magical Snow which is included in every letter.

Santa's Magical Snow is one of the most remarkable things money can buy.  It's basically snow in a bag! The clever part is that it comes in the form of powder and when you add water it expands to 100 times its original volume!  It is so simple – just add 8 parts water to 1 part magic snow and you have your very own snow storm!

After a couple of days the magic snow may start to dry out due to the water evaporating.  Simply spray the snow with water and it's all nice and fluffy again!  You can let the snow dry out completely so you can use it again and again and again!

For added effect, why not put the made-up snow in a plastic bag in a freezer for a couple of hours for an even more authentic feel!  Then it looks like snow, feels like snow and is as cold as snow!

This same snow is professionally used in the West End in London, on Broadway in New York and film sets all around the world - that's how real it looks.  It's great for using as a Christmas decoration, great for just playing with and great as a gift for any snow lover!

Or for a added effect why not put a small drop of food colouring in the water before adding it to 'Santa's Magical Snow'

Please note: Although it's clean, safe and non-toxic, adult supervision is required.  & it can easily be hoovered up!

Age recommendation 4 plus

The ultimate Christmas novelty. You can guarantee your child, loved one or friend snow this Christmas. With 'Santa's Magical Snow'





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