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20 x 20mm Stamper

20 x 20mm Stamper

Product Information

Customised Self Inking Stamp 

Size: 20mm x 20mm  (0.79" x 0.79")
Ideal For:
  • Approval
  • Fax
  • Logo's
  • School Rewards
  • Stamping Symbols
  • Inspection Stamps
  • Reward Cards
  • Promotional Stamps
  • Savings Cards
Available in Black, Blue & Red
The Foto Time Stamp is designed to stand up to everyday office use.  It features the
highest quality components to ensure a lifetime of trouble-free service and reliability.
anything you can put on a computer monitor, you can put on a custom designed, professional pre-inked stamp. 
 Text, graphics, signatures, logos, photos... with Foto Time's proprietary 600 dpi technology, virtually anything is possible!
Stamp Features Include
600 dpi Resolution (Laser-Print Quality!)
With a 600 dpi (dots per inch) laser print quality, stamp impressions are clear, clean and sharp.
Photographic Quality 
Great for pictures, company logo's etc.
Colour-coded & Labeled
The stamp handles are colour-coded and have a copy of the stamp applied as a label to the handle for easy recognition.
Micro-raised Image
won't wear away like an ordinary stamp
Smooth Stamping Action
Easier for repetitive use
Micto-porous Control
Gives sharp, dry and crisp images every time!
Pre-Inked, Refillable and Fast Drying
All stamps are pre-inked and refillable which means no messy separate ink pads are needed.
The ink is non-toxic, non-flammable fast drying to prevent smudging (With the exception of gloss paper).
Each stamp gives up to 10 000 impressions before it needs to be re-inked.
With proper re-inking, each stamp will last up to 50,000 impressions.
Durable, Easy to Use

The surface of the stamp has been created using a durable rubber that helps extend the life of the stamp.
All stamps are compact so they're easy to handle, use & store.
Protective Cover
The snap-on cap covers the stamp surface so it may be cleanly and safely carried in your pocket or bag.
Easy Re-Inking
Re-inking bottles are available in black, blue & red.

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