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Sending Photo's

Sending your photo or digital image to Foto Time is easy!

Accepted digital image formats:


For good results:

please supply a high definition image. A file size of approximately 500kb. A sharp image with good contrast will produce the best results.

For engraving:

If the subject you want engraving is in a printed photo, they should be in high definition. For example on a 6x4 printed photo you would want the subject to be around half the picture. ie a close-up portrait.*

Can I send photos to you?

Yes, if you prefer. We can accept photographs, files, CD's, DVD's and memory cards. Please ensure that we know which photos you require on your item's if there are several on a disk or memory card. Our address is on the “contact  us - address” page. These items will be returned to you with your order.


By uploading an image you agree that you:

Are the owner or are authorised to use the graphic you are uploading.
Accept the legal responsibility if the owner of copyright / trademark material claims Foto Time is misusing their graphic. You give Foto Time the right to direct the owner to you. You have full authorization to use the graphic for commercial resale.
Are satisfied with the quality of the image. Understand that any mistakes made by yourself can not be fixed by us.

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